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Mitzub'ixi Qu'q Ch'ij, 1956-


Mitzub'ixi Quq Chi'j

The Center for the Study of Co* Design (CSCD) was established in July 2016.  My name is Mitsuho Ikeda. I am a cultural anthropologist and have taken over the role of director from Dr. Hisakazu Matsushige in April 2020.

The CSCD is a front-runner of the university's initiative to tackle emerging challenges in contemporary society, by encouraging both technological and social innovations. Our mission is to design communications that facilitate cross-border collaboration among actors from diverse professional fields and citizens, and to generate innovative knowledge, values, and systems in society.

The asterisk in the logo of Co*Design represents our operational principles of openness, dynamism, flexibility, and both inter-and cross-disciplinary approaches and expertise. Our educational programs welcome students from various disciplines and encourage them to learn beyond their core subjects. Our research activities include extensive co-creation with experts in business, government, academia, and other public and private sectors, offering a space for up-to-date and cross-boundary discussions.

We develop stronger connections between our university and the local communities through public seminar programs. We also collaborate with international partners in both business and academia, and welcome opportunities for new partnerships in line with our Co*Design philosophy.

Ex-Director of the (CSCD), Present post; Director of the (CSCD)

Mitzub'ixi Quq Chi'j

Curriculum Vitae, Mitsuho Ikeda, 1956- (also known as TARUMI Gen-nosuke, Mitzub'ixi Quq Chi'j)

Copyleft, CC, Mitzub'ixi Quq Chi'j, 1997-2099