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(alias, MIKEDAS): Medical Anthropologist, Ethnographer in/of/for Central America, professor emeritus, Osaka University

● 人物紹介( おとなむけ中学・高校生むけこど もむけ)

● 紹介( 英語・スペイン 語  

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Who is Mr(tata). Mitzub'ixi and what is he like?

Introducing Mitzub'ixi

How can we contact tata Mitzub'ixi ?
● 文化人類学

● 医療人類学  

● コミュニケーショ ン・デザイン  

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● 学 習資源へのアクセス 

● 知的生産学入 門

Cultural Anthropology, that tata Mitzub'ixi is good at. [1] and [2]

Medical Anthropology, that tata Mitzub'ixi is super-good at.

Designing interpersonal communication

Classes that he has taught at various University, and honorable lectures

How to get useful informations that tata Mitzub'ixi has done in hisextrodinary web pages

Introduction to your Knowledge Production

● 業績一覧  
● 池田光穂著 作集〉・ 〈
● 私の著書ご案内   

Books, papers, and lectures by tata Mitzub'ixi

Cyber-resources that tata Mitzub'ixi is now presenting you free!!

Web-suppliment of his book after published


● 実践の医療人類学を256倍使う 

●  医療人類学のレッスン 

● 看護人類学


 キッズ・あんそろぽろじす と! 

︎︎ 新着掲載記録 



Medical Anthropology Project in Japan, MAP-J

Use his book entitled as "Practical Medical Anthropology in Honduras," 2001, 256 times more than you can use it.

Learning Medical Anthropology in Japan, published in 2007

Nursing Anthropology, Anthropology of Nursing

The New Glossary for Medical Anthropologists in Japan!

Web pages for Childrens' Radicals

Newly updated my web pages with short comments, tata Mitzub'ixi

Creative Common; Anyone is free to print out, use the seminar, quote, modify, ....

Purveyor page for tata Mitzub'ixi
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