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Ethics for Academic Research: A virtual workbook

Mitzub'ixi Qu'q Ch'ij


Program 01

Nulla. Ice-Breaking [introduceyourself.pdf]
I. Let's make your dialogic workshop more fun!
II. The three axioms for the modern research ethics.

Program 02
III. [Workshop] A Change of Plans
IV. [Workshop] The Selection of Data

Program 03
V. [Workshop] Discovering an Error
VI.[Workshop] Fabrication in a Grant Proposal

Program 04
VII.[Workshop] Is It Plagiarism?
VIII. [Workshop] A Career in the Balance

Program 05
IX. [Workshop] Tests on Students
X. [Workshop] A Change of Protocol

Program 06
XI. [Workshop] Publication Practices
XII. [Workshop] Who Gets Credit?

Program 07
XIII. [Workshop] A Commercial Opportunity?
XIV. [Workshop] A Conflict of Commitment

Program 08
XV. [Lecture & Workshop] The Elemental Form of the Ethics in Conducting Fieldwork
XVI. [Lecture] On Critical Thinking

Presentation Task

"Make 3 minutes presentation sheets on the Ethical issue of this class that you're interested in, with Theme title, your name, student ID of the university in the PowerPoint, Keynotes, or Pdf format." on the last day of this class."


[Violation against Human Rights in Academic Research Context]

[Useful dicta for Young Scientists]


Translation Project of the Manga on AI and human Death in my  class IRobot_and_his_masters_death.pdfï¼½with password, 6.1MB[This Project is now cancelling ]


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