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IKEDA Mitsuho or Mitzub'ixi Quq Chi'j

who is the Professor Emeritus of Cultural Anthropology, Osaka University . My Maya-Mam (one of the Mesoamerican Native Indians) name is ...  Mitzub'ixi Quq Chi'j (Mitzib'ixi con Seis Fuerza), in English explanation

He works as Deputy Director of  the Center for the Study of CO-Design, CSCD and Head of the Department of Social Innovation of the center, Osaka University (also known as the University of Osaka).His major field is in Medical Anthoropology and Ethnography of Central America.

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Mitzub'ixi Quq Chi'j, -- registered name as Japanese citizen is  Mitsuho Ikeda, 1956- (My Curriculum Vitae)

1 What are your Educational Activities at the Center for the Study of Co*Design?

My main teaching activities cover Dialogic Methods in Qualitative Study and Ethnography, Theory of Knowledge (TOK) for Post-Graduate Students, Theory and Practice in Action Research, and Research Ethics.

2 What Research are you involved in?

My specialization is cultural anthropology. My research interests include medical ethnography, Central America regional studies, human-animal relationships, comparative study of harm reduction policies for drug users and addicts, history of anthropological sciences, and political anthropology of indigenous people.

3 What are your activities with institutions and people outside the center?

I have published extensively online on a variety of themes over the past twenty-five years. As a result, I am frequently invited to speak on a range of topics, e.g. cinematographic analysis of films, ecotourism in Central America and Mexico, research ethics, and the nature of infanticide and gerontophobia. My outreach activities include the organization of collaborative workshops for young professionals from various businesses in the Kansai area.


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